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Please ensure that when you borrow equipment, to return it how it was before you borrowed it! This includes wrapping up wires etc.

If you are unsure as to where the equipment you have booked out is, there are labels of where each piece of equipment is in the Editing Suite in the Student Media Center or contact Mark at tech@ktvlive.co.uk!


Please be aware of the strike policy. Generally leave equipment as you find it. If you want any clarification on this please message the Technical Manager, Mark, at tech@ktvlive.co.uk.

You are allowed 3 strikes before your ability to book and use equipment will be restricted until you have a meeting with the Technical Manager to discuss the reasons for it. Based on the severity of the issue, the number of strikes you will be given varies as below:

1 strike:
Equipment returned late/in the wrong place/cameras and batteries not re-charged/anything inexpensive or small damaged/equipment left in an unclean state e.g. muddy/dirty as this can cause damage.

2 strikes:
Taking equipment without booking.

3 strikes:
Breaking of an expensive/large piece of equipment.

For any queries on booking or for more information contact your Technical Manager, Mark, by emailing him at tech@ktvlive.co.uk!