Here at KTV we have a variety of different program departments for our viewers to watch. The following are the different programs KTV currently broadcast.

KTV drama

Drama is where all our short films and TV shows are released. You will find films such as “Encryption” and “Natasha”, or TV Shows such as “First Degree” and “Inside Cleopatra”. Drama are constantly making new content to be released such as “Starblazers”.


KTV ident news

The KTV News department is responsible in releasing the latest news happening around campus and are releasing bi-weekly news shows. The News Department also release shows such as “InQuire InSight” which is the live show where authors from the UKCs’ newspaper society InQuire come in and talk about their headlining articles.


KTV-Sport logo

The Sport department are in charge in releasing sport videos including the yearly Live show “Varsity”. The sports team also releases shows such as “The Podium” and their online Twitch E-Sports coverage on gaming tournaments.


 Image result for ktv entertainment

Entertainment is responsible for releasing shows that are entertaining to our audience. Shows such as “Styles and Lilley’s Fireside Chat” or “On Campus Tonight”. Entertainment is also making use of our Twitch channel for their entertaining gaming shows.